Tablets & Projectors

Kodak – one of our most exciting brands, Kodak are currently bringing some really fun products to market. This includes a range of wired and wireless pocket projectors that enables you to project images and videos onto any surface, and Scanza, a digital scanner that converts film to Jpeg files.

Venturer Windows Notebooks – with a reputation for providing excellent value for money, Venturer innovate and adapt to the changing demands of the e-learning environment to ensure consumers receive high quality products at affordable prices. We currently offer the full range of Windows notebooks and 2-in-1 notebooks.

RCA by Venturer – the third largest tablet brand in the United States, RCA has partnered with Venturer to create a line of Android tablets and infotainment products. All of which are available from Nimans Home.

Nifteen – broad range of style conscious tablet, Macbook and laptop bags as well as day packs and travel organisers.