Toys & Gadgets

Toys & Gadgets is possibly our most wide ranging – and exciting – category. Whilst it’s constantly evolving, here’s a selection of our most popular products…

eKids – combining state-of-the-art technology developed by iHome with preeminent characters such as Star Wars, Disney Princess and Harry Potter, eKids offer a line of fashion forward Bluetooth speakers, headphones, microphones, alarm clocks and boomboxes.

Foundmi – the smart way to find things. Foundmi are fun, Bluetooth trackers that can be attached to anything you don’t want to lose, featuring characters that appeal to children and adults alike.

Instant Print Digital Cameras from Polaroid and Kodak – for the perfect blend of blend of nostalgia and modern digital technology. Quickly and easily connect to a mobile device, transforming the camera into an instant photo printer.

Polaroid 3D Printer – we love this product! The Polaroid ModelSmart 2502S is a state-of-the-art Plug and Play desktop 3D printer offering fantastic flexibility for multiple-purpose printing.

VAGO – arguably the best travel gadget on the market, VAGO gives you up to 50% extra luggage space by compressing clothes and other soft items. Importantly it’s small and portable.

Vivitar – digital cameras, action cameras, waterproof cameras and life logging cameras, as well as a range of fun products – walkie-talkies, boom boxes and Bluetooth speakers – featuring children’s favourite characters.